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The Big Blue Safety Ruler



The Big Blue Safety Ruler. Big Blue Safety Ruler is the one

choice for the finishing room 


• Made of heavy duty aluminum construction
• No unfinished edges gives you no black marks on your
   graphics or fingers
• Polished and anodized so they don’t leave fingerprints
• Blue finish is permanent, doesn’t chip off and is easy to
   find in any shop
• Non-slip grip on the bottom keeps the knife steady and
   firmly in place
• Excellent curved finger guard for maximum protection
   from knife mis-use or slips
• Laser etched graphics and measurements for
   permanent lifelong use
• Channel on back to hold cutting head so all sizes make
   perfectly straight cuts the entire length
  - Achieve perfect precision cuts-even with one-man
• Optional cutting head attachment cuts up to ½" thick soft
   materials (as available in 2014)
  - Maximum cutting effort with minimal effort-simple press
    and pull operation
  - Perfectly straight cuts the entire length of each size
Part# Description
ECSL18 18” Safety Ruler 
ECSL28  28” Safety Ruler 
ECSL40  40” Safety Ruler 
ECSL52  52” Safety Ruler 
ECSL96 96” Safety Ruler 
WC6001 Cutting Head



Part# Description
ECSL18M Big Blue Safety Ruler 45.7 cm
ECSL28M Big Blue Safety Ruler 71.1 cm
ECSL40M Big Blue Safety Ruler 101.6 cm
ECSL52M Big Blue Safety Ruler 132.1 cm
ECSL96M Big Blue Safety Ruler 243.8 cm
WC6001 Cutting Head

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