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Body Clip Set (3pc)


Part# BC3 - Body Chip Set (3 Pc)

This set give you a tool for almost any door using a push pin

or panel clips type. Specially designed for removal of push

pins with center locking pin.-Quickly removes plastic anchors

that have center pins without damage to pins or anchor.

-Panel clip pliers have a -Inch-Inch design for removal of

standard clips without center pins All 3 pliers have double

cushion grip handle..-3 Piece Body Clip Pliers Set. Includes:

-Includes 80 degree and 30 degree Push Pin Pliers.-Includes

panel clip pliers.


Features a 15 and 80 deg. Push Pin pliers plus the PCP

Panel Clip Plier used for panel clips, “J” clips, or any

fastener with no center pin.

Weight: 1.00 lbs

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