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Core ID Cards



Core ID Cards. Core ID Cards are available in 6 colors to categorize your materials. With a glance you can identify brand
name, material type, and specification. If the roll is almost gone, your supplier's information and the last purchase price can be found on the bottom of the card - away from customer's prying eyes. Core ID Cards work in horizontal or vertical racks and fit
snugly into any 3" core. 


• Colors: Yellow, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Mustard and Orange.
• All the necessary details on one card to help your ordering
  process and keep your shop organized.
• Designed with sign makers in mind.  


Part# Description
ID10B Blue                        10 pack
ID10G Green                     10 pack 
ID10M Mustard                  10 pack 
ID10O Orange                   10 pack 
ID10T Turquoise              10 pack 
ID10Y Yellow                     10 pack 
ID12A 2 of each color       12 pack 

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