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Disposable Media Handling Gloves

Disposable Media Handling Gloves
These Lightweight Cotton Gloves are worn when handling
digital media, substrates negatives and transparencies to
prevent getting fingerprints and smudges on the print,
substrate, media or film. 100% Cotton; Slip-on Style; No
Ornamental stitching.
When handling print media and substrates, taking time
with the extra special precautions ensure your precious
memories are protected and preserved. And, this is why
treating print media, substrates and even prints and photos
with "The White Glove Treatment" should always be a
Typically, it's without much thought, we pick up a roll of
media, a substrate, print or photo with our bare hands.
After loading the media or substrate into the printer or
showing off our memories, we put it back into their
envelope or box and/or up on its shelf or media rack.
As the media, substrate, print or photo sits there, the
oils and sweat from our hands that were left behind
eventually cause the print or photo surface to break down
or change its surface tension making your next print a
failure with noticeable fingerprints.
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