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Double Coated Screen Print Pallet Tape

Double Coated Screen Print Pallet Tape

Double Coated Screen Print Pallet Tape.

Fast Pallet - ImageOne Impact’s Fast Pallet is a removable

and reusable, double-sided, Screen Print Pallet tape for use

on print surfaces of textile screen print, DTG and CNC Router

equipment. Stop spraying your pallets to keep your textiles in

place. This is a double-coated, bleached flat-back, paper tape

with a high shear resistance and hot-melt adhesive that bonds

well to almost any surface. Extends pallet life, eliminates need

for cleaning solvents and reduces downtime for pallet clean-up.

Always test before using.  20’ rolls. If you're using pallet tape

on your press, simply clean off lint off the tape after a job with

clean water and your tape is ready to print again. Yes, it’s that

easy. It's so easy in fact over 90% of large screen shops use it.


• Applies to pallet quickly
• Unrolls quickly with little effort
• Peels off quickly and easily with little to no shredding
• Can be used with flash cure units-No Flash Shift!
• Lasts 50% longer on average – print 600-1000
  textiles before cleaning the tape


Part# Description
SPPT1420 14” X 20’Double Coated Pallet Tape


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