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Fiberglass Boulevard Bracket Pole Banner Kit - 2 banners per pole


Fiberglass Boulevard Bracket Pole Banner Kit-Double

Pole  Kit. Our economical advanced-design Fiber-Glass Boulevard Bracket Pole system will withstand the elements.

The base Boulevard Bracket is made from rust-free cast aluminum. The Fiber-Glass arms will flex in strong winds, reducing some of the wind load off the banner. The fiber-glass arms are 3/4” in diameter. Available in single and double

banner installations. 


We also offer heavy duty aluminum, standard aluminum pole banner kits, spring pole banner kits and Hurricane pole banner kits so be sure to see all your choices to make the right decision for your particular Boulevard Bracket Pole banner mounting and hanging needs.


Standard Double Kit Includes:


4 - Poles
4 - Brackets
4 - Plastic ties
4 - Pins
4 - End caps
4 - Lock rings
4 - 40” Stainless
      steel bands 


Part# Description
AD18 Double Set 18" Kit
AD24  Double Set 24" Kit 
AD30  Double Set 30" Kit 
AD36  Double Set 36" Kit  



*Banner on both sides of pole

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