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Part# GOJAKL  Part# GOJAKR - GoJak

Part #'s sold individually (each):

GOJAKL - Left Hand

GOJAKR - Right Hand

GOJAKS - Rack (Holds 4 Jaks)


The ImageOne Impact purple GoJak vehicles lift system


Left hand and Right hand units - Vehicles to 6,300 lbs.;

Tire widths to 13”


The ImageOne Impact purple GoJak vehicles lift system is

sooper heavy duty and built to last! Able to jack vehicle

weights to 6,300 lbs. (1,574 lbs. per wheel), including light

duty trucks with tire widths up to 13 inches wide and

36 inches tall. This auto jack / dolly system is the most

versatile and strongest GoJak® in the line. It has steel

rollers, wider axles and two heavy-duty 5-inch diameter,

and two heavy-duty 4-inch diameter, double-ball raceway

casters. This combination makes for easier rolling with

heavier loads.  The Model 6313 has a 5-degree offset

pedal for additional foot-to-tire clearance. The under frame

clearance is increased an additional 2-1⁄2 inches over

other models and brands, which is very useful when

pulling cars up flatbed trucks. Available in left and right

hand units. Just open the GoJak to slide under the car

around each wheel. Flip the lever and press your foot

down on the pedal until the cars wheel lifts up off the

ground. Once all 4 wheels are up, simply push the car into

the location you need it and start your work. Quick flip lever

allows you easy incremental lift and drop as needed.

Lift with your leg – effortlessly with just one leg!.

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