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The Handler

Part# FH60 & Part#FH72 - The Handler

Part# FH60 & Part#FH72 - The Handler

Get serious about minimizing waste and improving

efficiencies with Vehicle Wrap Films and Window

Tint Films.


The ImageOne Impact Handler comes in both a 60" and

72" Width and are used by professional Vehicle Wrap Shops

and Window Film Installers to reduce waste, and increase

speed while cutting down film for installation.

Both size Handlers can cut a roll that us up to 60/72” wide

accordingly, but can also easily cut a 40” wide roll by

adjusting the roller width assemblies. Mostly used during

color change wraps and Solar Window Film installations,

these machines can also be used by Automotive Window

Tint installers to increase efficiency and easily cut films to

a specific window or body panel size while minimizing waste


Have a left and right body panel or window that’s 39" wide?

Just set the dual cutters accordingly and pull the film to the

length needed.  This will allow you to cut both panels exact

and leave the largest possible end cut for use on mirrors,

interior parts, etc. The Handler has measurements both

width and length wise so exact panel measurements are

always perfect and always produce minimal scrap pieces

possible when used correctly.



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