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Hobby & Craft Scrapbooking Tape


Hobby & Craft Scrapbooking Tape

Scrapbooking Tapes are perfect for mounting, mending,

and repairing photographs, documents, and other
memorabilia. The adhesive formulas are PH Neutral and

double-sided tape with permanent adhesive offering easy

hand tearing and cleaner unwinding. Excellent adhesion to

paper, most plastic films, metal foils, etc. Ultra-violet

light has little or no effect on adhesive.


APPLICATIONS: Used for crafting, mounting nameplates,

picture framing, product assembly, design and packaging

of prototypes, sealing envelopes, paper web splicing,

and general mounting and holding.
Available in ¼” and ½” widths by 36 yards.


Part# Description
SBT14 ¼” (6mm) wide X 36 yard Scrapbook Tape
SBT12 ½” (12mm) wide X 36 yard Scrapbook Tape


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