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The Ultimate Laminator Toolkit


Part# LAMKIT - The Ultimate Laminator Toolkit

Each laminator must have one of these kits. Finally a

complete kit for eliminating static electricity and build up,

plus the necessary GraphicsGloves™ Media handling

gloves for loading and unloading your print media to a

printer or printed media onto a laminator to eliminate

skin oils and hand prints in the image or finished print.

This kit also includes an Econo Liner Cutting Tool  so you

can cut your media off the laminator without scratching the platen.

This tool kit includes a comprehensive general purpose guide

to properly using and troubleshooting issues in the lamination

process. Includes how to resolve silvering, improper tensions,

pressure and heat assist processes.
This book makes your employees instant pros.


- 12 Page booklet with essential laminating advice.
- 1 Pair of Graphic Gloves
- 1 Set of Static Elastic Wire with magnet mounts
- 1 Economy Liner Cutter

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