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Alumalite WetEdge Wrap Kit


Part# ALSQW3 - Alumalite WetEdge Wrap Kit


With Ultra Suede Micro Fiber Edge


This wrap kit includes 3 sizes of Alumalite Squeegees

each with our unique “WetEdge” no-scratch fabric on the edges.

Use the 4”, 8” and 12” wide aluminum squeegees for all

your large flat vehicle surfaces like doors, hoods, trunks

and truck panels to lay down vinyl films fast, easy and

scratch free. Anodized bright red so you can find them

easily. Moisten the edges with water to make them glide
easily on any vinyl film surface. Great for Printed Wraps,

color change films, Paint Protection Films and window tint

films.  Get your wraps done faster!!

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