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SE 360 Squeegee Kits


SE 360 Squeegee Kits



The most ergonomically correct squeegee in the world!
The Squeegee Evolved 360 , with our ergonomic design

and functionality allows users to not only grip with less

strain to the hand itself but gripped in any position during

a typical installation of graphic films and maintain the

same level of ergonomic support to the human hand,

practically eliminating muscle fatigue and damage to the

Median Nerve. The Soft Rubber handle removes pressure

to the wrist and provides a cushion or buffer for a better
overall grip of the tool itself. The thumb recess area puts

the thumb into a Braced Position much like a splint

providing better control, better posture with less strain to

the thumb joint, muscles and tendons. Kit comes

complete as shown with One handle and 3 Quick Change



3-pack blade set - Total of Five Wrap Blades, All Hard

Rubber Edged Blades Covered With Micro Suede

Thermally Bonded For long Lasting Use, Anti-Scuff and

Designed Specifically For Challenging Vehicle Curves



Part# Description
SE360R 1 Complete Handle with 1 (one) Standard Blade + 2 Kit Blades
SE360T 1 Complete Handle with 1 (one) Standard Blade + 2 Kit Blades



Part# Description
SEBP3S 3 Blade Pack-Green (HARD) rigid blades for everyday uses in vinyl application.
Low flexibility designed to maximize downforce pressure on any surface, but not to be used on vinyl without transfer tape.
SEBP3R 3 Blade Pack-Midnight (SOFT) semi-rigid blades with thermally bonded micro-fibers for curved surfaces where blade flexibility is needed. Gives maximum pressure without drag. No scuffing, safe for high-gloss and matte films.
SEBP3W 3 Blade Pack-Charcoal (MEDIUM) rigid blades with thermally bonded micro-fibers for most flat surfaces where less blade flex is needed. For mild curves. No scuffing, safe for high-gloss and matte films.
SEBP3B 3 Blade Pack-Blue (HARD) rigid blades for everyday use in all flat window tint
applications. Very low flexibility for maximum down-force pressure on all tint films while providing a more consistent and durable edge.
SEBP3TG 3 Blade Pack-Gold (MEDIUM) stiffness semi-rigid blades offering more flexibility for curved vehicle windows. Gives smooth consistent pressure without drag, consistent edge fidelity, more control, low friction blade, safe for all tint films.


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