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The G-N-G


The G-N-G

The G-N-G is a sturdy 3-piece constructed product that
has interchangeable blades. The blades conveniently
snap in and out of the ridged body that is covered with a
firm ergonomic handgrip. This ultra-comfortable G-N-G
handgrip has an ergonomic shape and a deep surface
texture that makes the G-N-G easy to use in wet or dry
environments. Experience the next level of application
squeegee performance when you try the
all-new Grip-N-Glide today. 

The Yellow Grip-N-Glide is designed for window film
installations, and the Orange Grip-N-Glide is designed
for paint protection film, vinyl graphics and car wrap films.


Replacement Rubber Blade


Part# Description
SQGNGY For Window Films (Yellow)
SQGNGR For PPF & Wraps (Red)
GNGBLADEY Replacement Blade (Yellow)
GNGBLADER Replacement Blade (Red)


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