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Doctor Squeegee


Doctor Squeegees

Doctor Squeegees are Innovative, multi–purpose squeegees,
designed specifically to replace outdated industry tools with
modern, hi–tech options. Their unique ergonomic design,
comfortable grip handle and quick–change blade system make
them as essential to the installation process as stainless
cutting blades.


•    Red – Soft rubber edge
•    Yellow – Semi Firm rubber edge
•    Blue – Firm rubber edge


Replacement Squeegee Blade

for the Doctor Squeegees


Part# Description
SQDOCR Red - Soft Rubber Edge Squeegee
SQDOCY Yellow – Semi Firm rubber edge
SQDOCB Blue – Firm rubber edge
DOCBLADER Red Replacement Blade
DOCBLADEY Yellow Replacement Blade
DOCBLADEB Blue Replacement Blade


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