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Wrap Cut Knife


Part# WCKNIFE - Wrap Cut Knife

The ultimate Vehicle Wrap knife! Made specifically to

cut through just the liner side of any pressure sensitive

vinyl films. This knife will cut through only the paper

backing of a self-adhesive vinyl. No more risk of

damaging your film or adhesive or cutting through
the film side of your vinyl while on its backing paper.

Leaves no marks or cut lines in the film when used properly. 
Our Wrap Cut knife is made with a solid steel shaft and

protects your graphics and delicate surfaces with our

special Teflon coating on the bottom surface of this

unique knife, thus allowing the knife to slide across the

adhesive side of the vinyl, giving you a clean and easy

cut through the backing. Use while film is on the vehicle,

boat, etc. or while on the cutting table inside the shop.
This liner cutting knife works anywhere. Works with most

adhesive types and all brands of pressure sensitive vinyls

and backing papers. Replacement blades available.


Ships with 2 extra blades included.

Blades have 4 cutting edges per blade


10-Blade Replacement Pack    Part #: WCBLADE10


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