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Magnetic Heat Gun Holder


Part# HHMAG - Magnetic Heat Gun Holder

The simple, easy to use, easy to move yet seriously

strong Heat Gun Holder. This baby will hold even the

heaviest of heat guns in the industry but can still me

easily moved all over the car as you work alongside

any sized vehicle.  One Mega Magnet with an Aluminum

slotted housing fits almost all heat gun brands and can

even adjust open further for the largest diameters

needed for industrial sized heat guns. The holder sets

away from the car body eliminating the chance for

contact to the car, the graphic films or overheating.

Eliminated the time and need to drop your heat gun on

the floor which risks an impact break to your guns hot

filament (the most common reason a heat gun breaks).

Your heat gun is right there by your side as you go.

Easy to find in bright orange and can even be used to

hold your large wrap film panels in place for final

positioning and starting your applications.

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