Wrap Gloves



The WrapGlove is specifically made for the Wrap/Decal applicators.

• A unique blend of fibers that has taken years to develop
• They don’t shed any lint or fibers on your adhesive
• They don’t transfer your skin’s oils
• They can be used to handle the adhesive side of digital and wrap films
• Reduce/remove friction when hand cutting vinyl

• This is what makes the Wrap Glove the glove of choice for the wrap industry

Created by Professionals… For Professionals.

Faster, easier wraps and digital media work, guaranteed!

WG1S Wrap Gloves S (1 pair)
WG1M Wrap Gloves M (1 pair)
WG1L Wrap Gloves L (1 pair)
WG1XL Wrap Gloves XL  (1 pair)