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Reusable Blade Disposal Holster


Part# DC-5 - Reusable Blade Disposal Holster

Convenient new way to safely snap and dispose of dull
   blade edges.
Easily attach the DC-5 to a belt or tool-bag for portability.
Two blade-snapping locations to accommodate left and
   right handers.
Slide blade into a snap-slit and snap the blade; the
   snapped segment will safely dispose into the container.
Open top compartment to safely empty container of dull
For use with 9mm and 18mm snap-off blades.  Can also
   be used for OLFA Safety Blades Disposal by lifting the top
   and dropping them in.
NOT compatible with OLFA handles:
CL, CMP-2, PA-2, PL-1, SL-1, SPC-1
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