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Spider Feet Substrates Stand Up Base


Spider FeetSubstrates Stand Up Base

SpiderFeet™ are for use with your choice of solid sign

substrates. Can be used for Signs, Tradeshow Displays,

Marketing Displays, and Menu Boards. Spider Feet are made

of solid steel to create a stable stand up substrate base for

use on tables and floors. Spider Feet come in ¼” and ½”

base widths and as a jumbo adjustable Spider Feetfor thinner

or thicker solid sign substrates like foamboard, plastics and

woods. Screw holes located in each Spider Feet allows for

you to secure them to your sign or graphics board.


• Black Powder Coated Steel
• Stylish High-Tech Design
• Ideal for Standing Up Media, Single or Double Sided
• POP Display 


This item sold at most sign and graphics supply, banner

supply and WIDE-FORMAT digital print suppliers


Part# Description
SF1025B 1/4" Stand-Up
SF1050B  1/2" Stand-Up
SFJ1050B  1/2" Jumbo Stand-Up

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