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Standard-Duty Snap-Off Art Blade (10 Pack)


Our Most popular graphic artists blade!


Part# A1160B - Standard-duty acute angle snap-off blade for use in a multitude of applications. The 27 degree angle allows you to use this blade in your knife just like an artist knife but now with snap-off ability to get back to a sharp tip. Cut, weed, pick, pull all with the same retractable knife and extra pointed tip. This blade is made from high quality carbon tool steel is produced using OLFA's precise multi-step production process for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Long lasting durable snap-off blade - a new sharp edge with each snap. Fits most OLFA Standard-Duty Knives. 7 cutting edges per blade strip. 10 blades per pack.


OLFA blades are well known throughout the world, due to their superior durability and wide variety of applications. We offer more OLFA blades and products than anyone else in the country!


Thanks to our relationship with OLFA, we have the complete line--more than 150 pieces--in stock and ready to ship. This includes blades (standard, heavy-duty, and extra-heavy-duty versions), rotary cutters, safety cutters, tools for arts and crafts, and a host of specialty items and accessories. OLFA blades are sophisticated enough to be used in industrial and manufacturing environments, yet so user-friendly that they're the brand of choice for crafters, quilters, and scrapbookers.


Beyond their high-quality blades, OLFA offers a lifetime guarantee on their handles. This makes them a cost-effective choice for both international companies and hobbyists alike. OLFA 's standard-duty cutters are anything but average. They feature snap-off blades (standard blades, art blades, stainless steel blades, or ultra-sharp black blades) so that the user can quickly and easily access fresh blades while in the middle of a project.


Our other OLFA products include plastic laminate cutters, hook cutters, stainless steel serrated scissors, carton cutters, and much more  



Good For: model making, scrapbooks, memory books, general crafts & hobby, etc.

Guaranteed Forever: All OLFA handles are guaranteed forever.


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