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Unique 4-Point Adjustable Blade Positioning


Part# SK-10 - Unique 4-Point Adjustable Blade


Concealed blade safety knife featuring an adjustable blade

positioning design which allows for 4 cutting points on a

single-edge utility blade. Highly productive, it delivers 4x’s

more cuts than a single-edge, fixed blade “gooseneck”

safety knife.

Uses the OLFA SKB-10 blade, a single-edge blade featuring

1 blunt edge for safer handling. Made of high-quality

Japanese grade carbon tool steel and designed for

unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Versatile,

it features a 5/32" (4mm) throat inlet to cut through a variety

of materials, and a stainless steel tape slitter for box tape

slitting. Acetone resistant for easy cleaning. Fits both right

and left-handed users with no blade adjustment necessary.

Tool-free blade change. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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