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Vehicle Wrap Videos by Justin Pate


Part# JPDVD3PK - Vehicle Wrap Videos by Justin Pate

3-Pack Bundle

Designed by Justin Pate-Vehicle Wrap expert, consultant

and instructor for Vehicle Wrap Schools and sign supply

distributors worldwide. This is a very well-produced HD

DVD set of real vehicle wrap lessons that simply work great;

by one of the most experienced vehicle wrap installers in

our industry.  Study Justin Pate's unique "UGIS" system.

Your vehicle wraps will become easy, less challenging and

more fun, and even more important, more durable and

attractive. These DVD’s puts it all together at your fingertips.

It's not just how to install a vehicle wrap. It is from preparation

to post heating, showing “all the RIGHT things to do”. Believe

me, out of all the vehicle wrap instructional videos out there,

Justin Pate's are well worth every penny.


WARNING: Don't wrap a vehicle without watching these DVD’s!


This item is available at most Sign Supply, banner Supply and WIDE-FORMAT printer suppliers.

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