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Wrap Kit (Trades Man)


Part# WKIT3 - Wrap Kit (Trades Man)

Used by professional wrap shops all over
the world! Our selection of products are
designed to last longer and are the
right set of tools for the installer.
Don’t be stuck on an install or a
removal job without a complete
set of tools to get the job done fast. 
• Wrap Glove - (pkg of 1 pair)
• Wet Edge Squeegee
• 4" Gold Squeegee
• 4" Orange Standard Squeegee
• 6" Wide White Squeegee 
• OLFA SAC1 Knife
• OLFA DC3 Blade Disposal Canister
• Yellow/Black Tool Pouch
• Xtreme Magz 6 Pack - with handle  
• Installers Rivet Wheel
• Weeding Pen
• Bubble Popper
• Rivet Brush
• Infrared Thermometer with Laser
• Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit
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